Frequency Converter

Single & Three Phase


Worldwide Utility Simulation.

An economic solution to powering industrial equipment on all nominal utility frequencies deployed throughout the world. Utilising field-proven double-conversion technology, coupled with linear amplification, Ashley-Edison Frequency Converters provide low distortion and precise output performance.

1KVA to 2,000KVA

Compatible with both 50Hz & 60Hz Power Supply Network

40Hz to 500Hz Adjustable Output Frequency

Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis

3 Years Warranty Included

Wide Range of Applications

Ideal for Marine & Shore-to-Ship Supply, Avionics, Military Diagnostic Systems, Test Laboratories, Industrial Machineries and more.

Simple Installation,

Plug and Play Operations

Ease of maintenance and operations, setup is uncomplicated and simple to use.

Power Line Conditioning

Electronically delivering exceptional voltage regulation to your load.

Versatility and Flexibility

Ability to replicate Frequencies from 40Hz to 500Hz (adjustable).

Double-Conversion Technology
Achieving unmatched power quality with high efficiency.

An All-Rounder
Suitable for use with Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive and Non-Linear Loads.

Solid State PWM / IGBT Design
Ensuring High Efficiency & Low Noise whilst delivering maximum reliability.

Galvanic Isolation
Delivering pure and stable Sine Wave output with low harmonic distortion (EMI/EMC).

Competitive Price Point
Economical answer to running expensive imported equipment locally.