Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Single & Three Phase


Keeping you online, all the time.

Engineered for the sole purpose of protection against unforeseen power failures. The Ashley-Edison UPS reinforces sensitive IT equipment, data center installations, high-end servers, telecom systems and other advanced network applications.

Additionally, integrated features safeguard against voltage sags, surges, spikes, frequency noise and variations as well as harmonic distortions.

1KVA to 800KVA

True Online Double Conversion System

±20% Input Voltage Tolerance

Clean Output Supply

3 Years Warranty Included

Mission Critical

Operated with a parallel and redundancy configuration of up to 6 units, we leave nothing to chance. Further incorporating a fully automatic, enhanced Master/Slave concept, this eliminates all variations of abnormalities and maximising system uptime.

High Versatility, High Availability

6-Pulse and 12-Pulse versions available for cost effective, improved system performance and efficiency.

Clean Solution

Producing the highest quality output waveforms, the Ashley-Edison UPS provides consistent, clean, and near perfect output supply, regardless of incoming power conditions.


Minimum footprint, maximum protection

Compact Design
Utilising a high frequency Transformerless Power Supply (TPS), the overall physical size is greatly reduced.

Maximum Battery Care
Able to handle batteries with extreme low ripple voltage, 24hr intelligent battery test, temperature compensated charging and deep discharge protection.

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGBT Technology – Solid state, fast switching speed, high voltage capability.

Able to handle 100% load phase imbalance
Balancing the load evenly across three input phases without any degradation to the output performance.

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Microprocessor
Fully digital controlled with onboard self diagnostic system.

Internal Static and Manual Bypass
Automatic, total electrical isolation for system maintenance purposes.

Backfeed Protection
Safeguarding against energy return to mains.

Isolation Transformer based Inverter (optional)
Galvanic isolation during normal operation via standard isolation transformer on inverter output.