Voltage Drop Compensators

Three Phase | Servo Electronic Design

Small Cables


Purposefully designed with the sole intention to eliminate high inherent voltage drops, Ashley-Edison’s CVC Series Voltage Drop Compensators solves this by boosting up the incoming’s low voltage to its required set output value and maintaining it constant, ensuring you substantial savings on reduced electrical power cables costs.

Our solution to long cable runs.

200KVA to 1,500KVA

Compensating Voltage Drops of up to 104V

Reducing Oversized Cable Costs

Available with Parallel Redundancy Module

3 Years Warranty Included

Save more, for less

Do away with large and expensive electrical power cables by “compensating” for high voltage drops, the cost-effective way. This added advantage also ensures cable installations are made more convenient due to smaller cable sizes.

Protecting your uptime

Load receiving appropriate voltage improves overall system performance and efficiency, minimising unforeseen system downtime.

Going the distance

Optimising and prolonging equipments’ life span, leading to overall passive savings from reduced maintenance costs.


Ashley Edison’s proven, field-tested Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulation Control Modules (VRCM) are incorporated on each phase of the Compensator. In the unlikely event of a fault on one module, the other parallel module will operate automatically without causing interruption to the load. The other unaffected phases will operate as normal. This will ensure that the voltage control is regulated continuously.

Available in Indoor IP20 (NEMA 1 Style) and Outdoor IP54 (NEMA 3 Style) Enclosures