Infrared Thermography Inspections

Costly emergency repairs and equipment downtime can be an aggravating inconvenience. Here at Ashley Edison, we strongly believe in reliability that not only promotes efficiency and productivity, we take system optimisation seriously like no other.

From impaired equipment performance and compromised life expectancy, to negligence to loose connections, over-heated cables and motors, these are potential hefty loss of revenue for the company.

Why Infrared Inspection?


Power Quality Monitoring

Having unforeseen nuisance tripping occurring frequently during our daily industrial operations can be an extremely frustrating affair, causing unnecessary peculiar inconvenience. Many a time, even while the main circuit breakers seem stable, little do we know that an over utilisation of energy consumption is taking place due to anomalies in the main power line. Nobody likes paying more for less.

Ashley Edison offers a bona fide, professional analysis that scrutinises the power quality of supply lines, making these avoidable anomalies come to light. With a detailed and comprehensive data report, we assist clients to identify where the best efficiencies can be made.

Our accurate and responsive Power Quality Monitors capture reliable electrical parameters to the highest precision standards for power measurement.

Our analysis includes:



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Ashley Edison Asia Pte Ltd operates under Ashley Edison International Ltd in the United Kingdom.

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